Journalist and analyst Enton Abilekaj, in an interview for journalist Beti Njuma on RTV Ora, labeled Edi Rama as the prime minister who comes to work when the oligarchs say so.

According to him, this is a government that must leave urgently, while he also criticized the opposition for its attitudes towards the oligarchs.

Beti Njuma: Has the Prime Minister Edi Rama gone bankrupt in front of the oligarchs after today he came to the defense of Salillari, whose roads, investments of millions of euros, have been cracked with the first rain that fell?

Enton Abilekaj: This is not to be discussed. We have a prime minister from the oligarchs to do their PR and make the legal acts by which they have to take the pieces of the country. That’s the prime minister. He goes to work when Samir Mane and Salillari tell  him to. It is not the prime minister who thinks about the country.

This is clear and not discussed. What we expect is for the opposition to fix this reality. For the opposition to denounce Salillari by name when his path is broken. For the opposition to declare how it will distance itself from them and how it will not allow them to govern in this country by manipulating politics, by controlling it.

We are talking today about a government that urgently needs to leave because of this relationship it has established with the citizens and at the expense of the citizens with a group of businessmen.”

During today’s communication with journalists, Prime Minister Edi Rama was asked about the cracks in the road axes in recent days due to heavy rainfall, where some of them were projects in the hands of the company “Salillari”.

Rama said that these accusations should first be investigated, while he describes the attack as a witch hunt. He has demanded that this not to be done with companies that have employed many people.

“I consider it inappropriate to attack companies in the absence of analysis, because it could be a way done even today and for reasons that are not related at all to the work of the company but in terms of a geological movement that could be the point that spills we are saying the cube from erosion in a certain area there may be cracks, just as the causal company may be against”, said Rama.