In his speech in the Assembly today, the head of the SP parliamentary group, Taulant Balla said that a law is needed that guarantees the transparency of the financing of political parties.

According to Balla, in 2017 the DP spent 1 million through suspicious payments of Lulzim Basha’s lobbying in the United States of America.

Balla: In 2021 we should have almost a law that guarantees full transparency of political party funding. The case of 2017 can no longer be tolerated, where an Albanian political party, the Democratic Party, spent $ 1 million through dubious Lulzim Basha lobbying payments in the United States. These types of funding of political parties should be prevented because they are illegal funding, undeclared to the Central Election Commission and unaccounted for Democratic Party revenues. New political parties are emerging, so the process of controlling their funding should be exercised against them as well. This is done with the aim that each political party has a very clear financial statement.

We must not waste time. This is one of the tasks left to the Bundestag and the European Council. I want to say that excellent work has been done in cooperation with the Council of Europe since I headed the Special Commission on Electoral Reform. Mechanisms have been identified on how to ensure fair funding of political parties.

I also want cooperation with the parliamentary opposition on important issues, such as the full implementation of the Justice Reform.

Balla also said that the law on the President of the Republic should be finalized in order to frame his activity.

Balla: We must conclude in time the law for the President of the Republic. I congratulate the Committee on Legal Affairs in the Albanian Parliament, which has set up a working group representing the majority and the opposition. It is necessary to frame the activity of the President of the Republic with a special law. We have a law for every institution. We have twenty short years with the new Constitution, but we do not yet have a law for the President. The law on the President is necessary, because recently the current President of the Republic has shown repeated cases of clashes and violations of the law and the Constitution.