The great old gates of Tirana and the houses that form part of city planning will be in focus at the Venice Biennial. 

The project entitled "Space 0" will represent Albania in the 16th edition of the International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2018, as a reflection through the images of former and modern Tirana.

Culture Minister, Mirela Kumbaro and Mayor Erion Veliaj have their expectations for the interest and appreciation that Tirana's pavilion will have in Venice.

"Space 0 is an Albanian project in international architecture," said Mirela Kumbaro.

In different cultures, gates are considered the threshold, that of joining a new world, though at the same time, the gates also represent the division of two premises. 

So not just as a tool for identifying boundaries between an internal or external environment and vice versa, but also as a cross between two levels: known and unknown, divine and human. 

That's why the gates were chosen as an element to explain Tirana, characterized by the presence of many shops, workshops and coffee bars present throughout the city as well as a city that operates almost on a 24 hour cycle.