The entrances of Tirana Municipality will be transformed into markets for bio products. 

Mayor of the capital city Erion Veliaj at the fair organized of cooking; produce and handicrafts made by the women and girls of Baldushk said that this way will have more opportunities for economic development.

“We will use all entrances to Tirana. If Dajti and Shëngjergji have access to Kinostudio, together with units 3 and 4 we will set up a market for Saturday and Sunday, in a place chosen by the municipality, to let traders sell as they like, without a required payment.

“If Elbasan has access to Baldushku, Bërzhita, Farka, Petrela, Krraba, then somewhere at the entrance of the Elbasan road we will set up a market where all bio products will be sold at the weekend.

“So we are able to sell the products, but we do not distribute at the entrances to buildings, as this, of course, presents an annoyance for the residents,” explained Erion Veliaj.

He called on citizens to contribute by consuming domestic products, which guarantee high quality.

“The village has one hundred good things, but we want a product to be a brand of a village.

“If we put some kind of brand on each of the villages, we will really do something great, because if we do not promote our things, who will promote them?

“Each one of us can be a marketing agent. If we engage in initiatives that the Ministry and the government have in rural areas, we can really have a miracle of agrotourism in Tirana”, declared Erion Veliaj.

Veliaj added that the conversion of Baldushk Municipality is to turn it into a tourist area.

“The fact is that the Municipality of Tirana built the road that the commune could never do with its budget, some village centers have been constructed and some villages have been introduced to the government project for the '100 villages'. 

“These facts prove that attention is being paid to rural areas. As a municipality, next year we will do the whole center of the commune, to turn it into a tourist spots, so that more people come to Baldushk,” added Veliaj.

Erion Veliaj was accompanied by Agriculture Minister Niko Peleshi and Speaker of the SP for Tirana, Blerina Gjylameti for meetings with the residents of the area.