Us ambassador, Lu announces US assistance in catching the "big fish" of albanian drug trafficking

Us ambassador, Lu announces US assistance in catching the "big fish"

The US Ambassador Donald Lu, spoke at the meeting for the operation 'The power of the law', also attended for the first time by agents of the FBI. The Ambassador spoke clearly and harshly, declaring that it is expected the Albanian government concludes the arrest of the 'big fish' in the first months of next year. 

"We have an expression in America. Free lunch doesn't exist. "If the US and the EU countries are giving Albania our resources and our trust in this fight against organized crime, we expect results. "We expect that this aggressive plan of the Albanian government concludes with the arrest and investigation of the 'big fish' at the beginning of next year and that this success continues in 2018 with SPAK and BKH"- declared Ambassador Lu. 

The main concern of the US is the disruption of connections between the government and crime. Ambassador Donald Lu said these connections must not be denied and even mentioned specific names as examples. "If you deny the connection between politics and crime, then please examine the cases of Arben Ndoka, Mark Frroku, Gentian MuhamEDI and Elvis Rroshi. "This problem does not pertain solely to one political party, it's a problem which has captured Albanian politics in its entirety since the fall of communism. "The US gives its word to the Albanian people to fully engage in the fight against organized crime despite it being connected to important figures, including politicians, judges, prosecutors and prominent businessmen" - stated the US Ambassador. 

The Minister of Interior, Fatmir Xhafaj guaranteed the operation to be serious and successful thanks to the support of the Task Force provided by the US and the EU. "I believe that the way this unit is organized, the recruitment, the training, the technical support of the international partners and the support and encouragement of the government are an absolute guarantee of the success of the operation" - declared Minister Xhafaj.