The National Theater building has not been affected by the November 26th earthquake, leaving not even the slightest trace of damage to the interior plaster. Rather, this facility is being used to collect aid for citizens who have been left homeless after the seismic aftershocks resulting from the 6.4 earthquake.

But unlike the National Theater, which has long been contested by the government who seeks its destruction, the earthquake has not spared other state institutions.

The Assembly suffered damage from the earthquake a week ago as did the Prime Ministry -- both being considered minor.

The Assembly received the most damage, both inside and outside the building during the earthquake on November 26th and even from the previous one on September 21st. But the leaders of the institution have taken additional measures, as working groups are now repairing the damage.

Meanwhile, the building of the General Directorate of Customs was declared a "no-go zone" and deemed necessary to be evacuated.

According to inspectors of the Construction Institution, the facility has suffered major structural damage. The management of this institution currently has taken all measures to evacuate employees to other buildings.

The transfer of servers to the "National Information Society Agency offices" was also carried out, as well as the relocation of key sectors near available offices.