Starts Procedure for Meta’s Dismissal

Starts Procedure for Meta’s Dismissal

The Socialist Party has not withdrawn from the June 30 elections, instead formalizing the request for the dismissal of President Ilir Meta, accused of committing a serious violation of the Constitution.

The Head of the Socialist Party’s Parliamentary Group, Taulant Balla, has submitted a petition containing 55 signatures to the Assembly.

The letter is missing the signatures of Prime Minister Rama, Parliamentary Speaker Gramoz Ruçi, Minister of Diaspora Majko, former Minister Xhafaj and the chair of the Law Committee, Ulsi Manja.

According to the majority, the President's decision to cancel the June 30 elections has violated the Constitution, assuming the attributes of Parliament and sovereignty.

Even though the majority is set to dismiss President Meta, it again asks the President to reflect on his stance on the election before the proposal is brought before the Assembly on Thursday for voting.

Submission to the Assembly is the first step of the procedure that leads to the establishment of the investigative commission.

A report will be published after the verifications have been presented at a parliamentary session. The President will then be given the right to give his arguments.

The Majority needs 94 votes to dismiss Meta, and once they have been received, the report must be reviewed by the Constitutional Court.

However, the Constitutional Court is currently non-functional due to a lack of members.


Further compounding the complexity of this situation is that the approval to appoint any new members to the Constitutional Court would need to be signed off by President Meta himself.