One day after urging award-winning students to denounce corruption at universities, Prime Minister Edi Rama warned that taxpayers caught up in the abuse would also be punished.

The government is working on an incentive plan for the fight against corruption in the economic sector as well.

“Soon we will make public the new measures for every business, starting with small business as they are often subject to corruptive pressures. We hope to encourage small business to denounce every kind of person who enters their premises and applies pressure or disturbs their activity by violating ethics and going beyond the law,” said Prime Minister Rama.

Rama reiterated the call to the administration to be careful in providing services to the citizens.

Rama made these statements at the weekly meeting on the co-government platform.

According to the Prime Minister, there are more than 800 people, from directors to specialists, who have had punitive measures applied, from prosecutions to dismissal warnings.