Parliament will approve the two names for the Constitutional Court on Monday, even though the President has suspended the selection of the name for which he is responsible.

During his speech at the Socialist Party meeting “You Choose”, where the candidates for delegates were presented at the SP congress, the Socialist Party Parliamentary group chair, Taulant Balla promised, among other things, that before Christmas, the Electoral Reform would be completed, while stressing that the Socialist Party representatives would be elected in an electronic vote.

“We will conclude the Electoral Reform by Christmas and the OSCE/ODIHR package on Electoral Reform will pass to the Assembly for implementation to be ready for the June 2021 elections.

“We need to change the rules regarding the financing of political parties. Albanian justice has proven that, unfortunately, a political party has falsified its funding statements. This is a grave act,” said Balla.

Balla reiterated that measures against illegal financing of parties and the influence of foreign states should be strengthened, linking this to the opposition leader who is expected to be summoned by the Court.

The Minister of State for Relations with Parliament, Elisa Spiropali, demanded more commitment from delegates to move to a third term.

“In January we expect to have an extraordinary process with all the new entries to elect the Assembly and the governing bodies.

“That's half the work we need for our third term in 2021, with Edi Rama as Prime Minister and SP as the majority. This mandate is important to continue on our path. Any turning back would be not just harmful, but fatal, for Albania,” said Spiropali.

The Mayor of Tirana's Municipality, Erion Veliaj, spoke with some irony in relation to the opposition regarding the dates of National Holidays, while stressing that the contribution of the Martyrs should be appreciated.

“I know from my work, the Prime Minister has shown me some of his work, and I'm sure ministers and MPs, it's harder to govern without opponents.

“When the opposition was present, however destructive, however stubborn, however defamatory, it was nevertheless a force of pressure,” said Erion Veliaj.

“In my experience, it also made it easier for me to see where we had errors in the borough or things that could be improved that were probably off the radar.

“When you don't have that, you have to be your own team's critic. Because if we leave this vacuum and do not reflect on what we can do better, then we will fall into a trap of complacency. So the task of the delegates is to make us opposition too,” added Veliaj.

The Socialist Party will elect their delegates throughout the 362 centers in Albania and abroad under the slogan “You Choose” on November 16th.