The Socialist Party showed its political strength to Albanians and its critics, igniting their electoral campaign engines for the June 30th local elections.

Around 1,500 delegates and 20 foreign delegations attended the Socialist Party’s Congress, while Fatos Nano's absence was again noted.

Prime Minister Edi Rama, accompanied by confirmed mayor, Erion Veliaj, told the opposition the ways in which the Socialist Party would accept the request by the opposition for early parliamentary elections. Rama stated:

“We are so sorry for the opposition that refused to represent their people in Parliament.

“But I have a challenge for them and an invitation too. I am ready for snap elections if the opposition wins just one more municipality than us on June 30th,” 

He invited the opposition for dialogue and to join the majority for electoral reform and for an electronic voting process.

In his speech at “Mother Teresa” square, Prime Minister Edi Rama called for dialogue, but he did not shy away from leveling accusations against the Chairs in the Democratic Party and Socialist Movement for Integration.

According to the Prime Minister, he has been patient enough despite all the opposition's actions, but from now he will respond. Furthermore, Prime Minister Rama declared that the government won't resign because they can't betray the overwhelming majority of Albanians who voted for the Socialist Party.

“We have seen them attacking the Parliament. That party has finally lost its origin.

“We have seen just how they attack the government by showing off their shameful performances around the world. We have seen them attacking the police, as well as judges who passed the vetting process.

“We have seen them attacking Albania on any foreign TV channel where they have been able to speak,” said Rama.Meanwhile, Rama seemed more moderate regarding the statements made by President Meta, who earlier said he was ready to sacrifice his post as president but also even his life so as to not install a military dictatorship.

At the opening of Congress, Secretary General of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla said that the socialists would win 61 municipalities, while confirming Edi Rama's name for the parliamentary elections in 2021. He said the ruling majority is ready for dialogue with the opposition. This readiness was declared during Balla's opening speech at the SP Congress, adding that the opposition tried to create a political crisis after the decision to relinquish its MP mandates.

Furthermore, Balla stated that the Socialist Party is the largest political party of Albanians and declared that they have already started to prepare for the local elections of June 30th. Stating:

“We are the main party of all Albanians and we are performing our duty very well. We are the only political party that governs with stability and can remain loyal to the commitments we've undertaken. “Today we start preparations for the local elections in June. “I expect to see us come out as the winners in the municipalities that are being held hostage by our opponents."