Beyond the protests of residents whose homes are being demolished; scandals, corruption and abuse of the New Ring Road Project are all but over.

The “Salillari” company, which has taken on the biggest part of the share in this project, will now be overseen by a company that turns out to have a contractor in the construction of the Kukës-Morinë road.

While Salillari has acquired the right to manage and maintain the Milot-Morinë Concession, it turns out that they will be the supervisor of the work to be carried out on Lot 2 of the New Ring Road, in violation of Law 8402.

According to the law on "control and discipline of construction work", it is stipulated that the company that supervises the works should have no relationship whatsoever to the entity implementing the project.

Article 7 of this law states that the Supervisor of Workings, appointed by the investor, has to be a physical or legal person-- domestic or foreign, who is licensed and not affiliated in any way with the implementer of the facility.

But despite the fact that this company has had offices in the Salillari company buildings, Ora News has already learned that IKN has since 2009, acquired the right to build two viaducts along the Kukës-Morinë highway which is an important part of the road.

A duplication of these viaducts will fill in the 4-lane highway. IKN was disqualified by the Technical Evaluation Commission but after appealing to the Public Procurement Commission, it was placed 'first' on the list and obtained the right to supervise the work to be carried out by Salillari Company.