The Appeals Chamber agreed to consider new evidence filed by the Head of the High Court, Xhezair Zaganjori.

A second hearing was held at the Appeals Chamber after the Public Commissioner appealed the decision by the Independent Qualification Commission to reconfirm Zaganjori in duty, arguing that Zaganjori did not pay his tax obligations.

Zaganjori denied before the Court any such allegations, by claiming that he has paid all tax liabilities in full, proving some with documents despite relating to the period 1995-1997.

The Head of the High Court, questioned about the deadlock in the function of the institution running and two extraditions that have not been dealt with, stated that he had issued notification that the High Court need to have four new non-judge candidates appointed.

According to sources, the extradition files not yet reviewed by the court relate specifically to the extraditions of the defendants Besnik Leka, a file raised in Tirana, and Robens Berberi, a file raised in Durrës.

If these files are not reviewed by the High Court, the two defendants risk being released.

The decision to leave the decision of the Independent Qualification Commission for Zaganjori in power or not will be made by the Appeals Chamber at a hearing to take place on the 17th of July.