For the second consecutive day, students in remote mountainous areas of Kukës, Dibra, Librazhd and Korca did not develop a teaching process , or remained in the classroom for shorter hours.

In the district of Dibra, lessons were suspended in almost all administrative units as the snow had reached 40 centimeters and movement of both people and vehicles proved difficult.

In Kukes, about 50% of rural schools did not teach, due to the high number of student absences and the inability to transport teachers from the city.

This Tuesday, the students of the remote areas of the Korca district undertook shorter hours, where temperatures dropped to -8 degrees Celsius.

The students of the remote villages of Librazhd and Gramsh in the district of Elbasan also remained without the ability to learn, where there is also difficulty in moving vehicles due to the frosts that followed the snowfall. There is also difficulty in the Highlands of Kruja, resulting in at least 7 closed schools.

For the first time in recent years, the situation created after the bad weather that embroiled the country forced the suspension of the teaching also at the University of Shkodra, where very few students appeared this Monday.

But these days the lessons will be replaced with Saturdays, on the 3 and 10 March. Most of the students from this university are from the northern areas of the country, which are covered by dense snowfall that has caused isolation.