Saudi investment in Albania, Ruçi hosts Abdelmomen Mohammed Sharaf

Saudi investment in Albania, Ruçi hosts Abdelmomen Mohammed Sharaf

Assembly Speaker Gramoz Ruçi hosted the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at a meeting here in Tirana. During the discussions, they determined that the already strong relations between the two countries would benefit from being further intensified.

In this context, it was estimated that the exchange of high-level visits is very important for the development of political dialogue and the expansion of economic cooperation between the two countries.

Assembly Speaker Gramoz Ruçi, stressed the need for the conclusion and signing of agreements between the two governments in the process, such as those in the fiscal, tourism, air transport, military fields and more.

According to him Albania's parliamentary diplomacy is gaining ever greater importance as an effective tool for increasing contacts and strengthening bilateral and multilateral relations.

Ruçi expressed Albania's gratitude for the recognition of Kosovo by Saudi Arabia and called for the promotion of Saudi lobbying for recognition of its independence from other countries which are members of the Islamic Cooperation Organization and the Arab League. 

This request was welcomed by the Ambassador who expressed that it is his agenda for continued to work in this direction.

The Arab diplomat said the relations between the two countries could also develop and benefit from Saudi Arabia's 2030 Initiative, which, in addition to development priorities, also aims at boosting Saudi cooperation with international economies. 

In this context, Saudi investments in Albania will also be supported.

Ruçi stressed that the positive feelings from the Arab Ambassador are a guarantee for a higher degree of cooperation between Albania and Saudi Arabia.