The recently announced tender for the Marina to be built at Cape of Rodon has already been granted!

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy announced the provisional merger of the companies “Praslin Investment” and "R&T", the latter whose shareholders are the citizens Roland Ziu and Renis Tershana.

No complaints have been raised regarding the application process, however it should also be noted that there were, in fact, no other competitors.

According to official data, the value of the investment amounts to 883 million lekë, excluding VAT. The duration of the contract will be 35 years.

RTV Ora News has followed this process before, when the start of the tender allowed companies only 30 days to submit the documents from 6 October to 6 November.

It was also noted that the documents to be submitted were only being accepted in the Albanian language. In this way, it seems that the Ministry has limited the possibility of participation by international companies.

Cape of Rodon is one of the most frequented areas by tourists not only for its natural beauty, but also for its historical values.

In announcing the winner, a negotiation period of 60 days ia stipulated for the contract and to submit further documentation, including the Contract Security as required in the Bidding Documents. It is the same timeframe in which the 10% deposit for the Investment (excluding VAT) and the guarantee to proceed with procedures must be paid.

The Albanian government has long attracted attention regarding their PPP concessions. This is because they are considered a hidden debt that endangers the budget, but also concerns over the lack of transparency regarding the procedures followed.

In an attempt to address these issues, an amendment to the law on unsolicited projects was expected to be implemented as of July 1st.

The deadline was delayed by parliament until October 1st and, despite the president demanding respect for the initially proposed deadline, is still yet to be initiated.