“Anyone who thinks Justice Reform has failed is wrong!”

This was the strong message from the vice Ambassador of the United States in Tirana, Leyla Moses-Ones, who stressed that Albania is on the right track and that it should continue to strengthen the standard of ruling law. It is unknown whether the statement was a message to critics, skeptics, or opponents of Justice Reform, but the United States Embassy in Tirana made it clear that they believe the reform of the judicial system is on the right track. According to the US Vice-Ambassador to Albania, anyone who says the reform has failed or has been compromised is simply wrong. “Justice Reform is on the right track and will soon give Albanians the judicial system they deserve. To anyone who thinks the mission is compromised or has failed, I have a message for you. You are wrong!” During a conference organized on the 70th anniversary of NATO's establishment and on the 10th anniversary of Albania's membership in this organization, Moses-Ones said that apart from the principles of collective defense, allies share the values of democracy and freedom.

In this aspect, the Vice-Ambassador demanded Albania to continue its path to improving the standard of rule of law, as well as other processes.

Regarding the regional and global situation, Moses-Ones said that NATO presents as a stabilizing factor in the Balkans, while called out the risks as being the presence of third parties, mainly Russia and Iran.

/Ora News.tv/