Democratic Party Chair, Lulzim Basha, in a conversation with journalists, denied the news which arose during the summer of the possibility of co-governance with the Socialists. 

Basha announced that in September the party election process will start after having been postponed several months ago. In parallel with this, he said candidates for local elections will be evidenced. 

Basha implied that the opposition does not intend to boycott the election, although he accuses the Socialists of seeking to buy citizens votes. 

At this point, Basha, for the first time, gave a clear message that the candidates will be in common with other opposition forces, including the SMI. 

The DP Chair did not give details of the opposition's behavior with the assembly, but when it comes to the new Theatre law, he had a final call on the Socialists. 

"The law on new Theatre must be withdrawn. There will be announcements of confrontation and civil conflict," said Lulzim Basha. 

For the first time Basha also talked about the issue of Kosovo by expressing his stance against the idea for the correction of the borders. 

He said that such an idea was proposed by the Serbs in 2010, but according to him it is an anti-European and anti-NATO sentiment.

Pёrktheu: Sabina Doma