The Prime Minister's rejection of the Democratic Party's proposal for a special structure dedicated to Electoral Reform is linked to Edi Rama's fear of international efforts to resolve the crisis.

In an interview with RTV ORA, the Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, declared that the leader of the majority is holding the country hostage to keep his power.

The new parliamentary opposition protested against the Democrat’s proposal. But Lulzim Basha does not recognize the parliamentary opposition.

“There is only one opposition, the country's political opposition. The monist parliament with pseudo-commissions and a financed pseudo-opposition supported and misused by Edi Rama represents nothing other than themselves,” declared Basha.

The Democratic Party has its platform for Electoral Reform and an anti-crisis platform for resolving the political situation.

“Our platform will consult with citizens and stakeholders; we will be in constant consultation with the international factor to pull the country out of this crisis,” said Basha.

The DP leader says the conditions put forward by Germany clearly show Edi Rama's responsibilities in leading the country.

Basha declared: “It's not a surprise that for the second time he rejects the international factor's efforts to help Albania emerge from this deep political, representative, constitutional and economic crisis.

 “Edi Rama fears the international factor because he fears the independent judgment of those who want the best for Albania.”