Prime Minister Edi Rama, via Twitter, has hailed the Police work in uncovering details of the assassination attempt on the Durrës prosecutor. He even warned of further legal initiatives against criminal groups and persons involved in them.

“Within the month we will present The Special Law on persons convicted, charged or investigated domestically or internationally for Organized Crime or Serious Crimes.

“We will respond frontally to incriminated judges and prosecutors who want to “catch what they can catch” until the day they are added to the purging queue,” said Prime Minister Rama.

Chair of Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, considered the arrest of the relative of the Socialist MP, Rrahman Rraja, as a humiliation to Socialist Party.

According to Basha, the latest assassination attempt is a clash between gangs and this indicates that snap elections are immediately needed, to bring back dignity to citizens.

“It is a clear indication of the need for immediate change and snap elections that will restore citizens' dignity.

“Give them back the right to vote and empower them by electing, in parliament and government, people who deserve to lead based on their aspirations and desire for change,” said Basha.

The Democratic Party chairman emphasized that it is precisely for this reason that he started the action of meetings across the districts.

“Even my tour is in function of this, to listen to the concerns of the citizens, as well as the bitter truths such as the one exposed today.

“A government that represents the interests of the citizens, and not the interests of criminal gangs, is needed," declared Lulzim Basha from the blue headquarters.