Rai3: Italian General of Guardia di Finanza Benefitted 30,000 Hectares from Albanian Drug Trafficker

Rai3: Italian General of Guardia di Finanza Benefitted 30,000 Hectares from

RAI3 continues its journey to Albania.

In the main news program at 7 pm, another story is broadcast by journalist Valerio Cataldi, who tells the story of the ownership of a land on the Vlora coast, including an Italian national, who was a former general of the Guardia di Finanza.

"This document is a gift of property by 30,000 hectares in one of the most beautiful places on the Vlora coast, a very wonderful place with growing tourism. The beneficiary of this gift is a foundation established to support cultural exchanges between Albania and Italy, named after the brothers Luca. M. Eftimiadhi and Marco M. Eftimiadhi, who left Albania today and are Italian citizens.

The President of this Foundation is the General of Guardia Di Finanza who recently retired. The strange thing is that the donor is, Artur Shehu, an infamous drug dealer linked to the Sacra Corona Unita mafia, wanted for murder in Albania, while he is currently in Florida.

The abusive act on Vlora beach is well remembered by Pellumb Petritaj who signed for Shehu the act of gifting the land in Vlora's beach, and was arrested after several media investigations into land fraud in 2018.

Artur Shehu's name in the Lecce Prosecution is well remembered.

"Artur Shehu is a person investigated by the Lecce Prosecution in 2012 over connectiona with the Italian, Prodentino Albino, an infamous drug dealer with whom he had a relation to reinvest money even of Sacra Corona Unita into Albanian territory," says the Lecce's anti-mafia prosecutor.

The Italian journalist has also spoken on the phone with former retired General Guadia di Finanza and former Director of Interpol, who today is president of the Foundation that received 30,000 hectares of land on the Vlora coast as a gift from the drug trafficker Artur Shehu.

"How is it possible that in the gift property document there are two infamous names of the underworld," the journalist asks. But for Italian General Lisi at the time it was made, they were not regarded as such. The notary has verified the act of doing, and nothing illegal has been carried out in that territory, he says. And if there are unclear things we are the harmed party"

According to the Italian journalist, Artur Shehu's family appears to be the owner of the entire bay of Vlora," concludes TG3.