Children aged 5-6 years will soon have the opportunity to learn programming and robotics. This announcement was made by Tirana's Mayor, Erion Veliaj, after a meeting with his Swedish counterpart, Philip Sandberg.

The project aims at advancing in the field of technology after a cooperative agreement with the Lund Municipality in Sweden.

“We can learn from Sweden, as one of the most advanced countries in the field of technology that children should be taught computer language from age 5-6, just as spoken language is taught.

“I believe that for Albanian children this is a fantastic example. As we learn Albanian, we need to learn the language of design, programming, mechatronics, robotics, or artificial intelligence,” he added.

Mayor Philip Sandberg added that he was impressed by the profound transformation that Tirana has undergone.

“I am very happy to meet Tirana's Mayor, Erion Veliaj, and see the changes he has made here.

“When I was in Tirana last time there was a lot of traffic and the centre the square was a huge spinning top!

“Now, I see that the plan for the city is mostly based on people, trees, and suburban roads, just like in Sweden. We have worked hard there too, to plan for a city that focuses on people, not on cars.

“I am very impressed with this work. I hope it continues and that you succeed in creating a city friendly to visitors and foreigners visiting Tirana. It is a pleasure to see that there have been so many changes,” said Swedish Mayor, Philip Sandberg.

A concrete idea of cooperation between the two cities will be the Pyramid project, which will turn into the largest innovation center in the region, according to Veliaj.

Meanwhile, in a sign of friendship and cooperation between the two cities, Veliaj and Sandberg planted another tree in Europa Park.