Professional education, Sorensen: There are employment difficulties

Professional education, Sorensen: There are employment difficulties

Professional education is not giving the expected results for employment.

During the report given at the media commission, Deputy Minister of the Economy and Finance, Dajna Sorensen declared that, despite the fact that the professional education system has seen an increase in the number students, there are problems with equipping the elements that the labor market demands.

“The education system, including professional education, does not give all individuals the full set of skills that are so necessary in the labor market and much more remains to be done about it.

“Establishing a qualitative system of skills, which is market-oriented, is a necessity for reducing unemployment,” said Dajna Sorensen.

Sorensen declared that there were many influxes in the hotel-tourism branch and less for other branches.

“Of the 5612 students enrolled in professional education, 1149 this year chose the hotel-tourism faculty and another 784 for services for means of transport,” added Dajna Sorensen.

According to the data from the National Employment Service, only 4.9% of unemployed job-seekers trained during 2017 in professional courses have been hired; while it has been learned over 10,000 people in the country have attended short term professional courses.