Prime Minister Edi Rama shared with the Mayors the results of this tourist season. So far, according to the Prime Minister, employment has risen sharply and state coffers have received an additional half a billion euro from tourism. 

The task that Rama left to mayors, even supplicating, was to focus on agro tourism. 

"I would pray a lot and I would ask you to focus on agro tourism. 

"The potential for agro tourism is so great and the income that agro tourism brings to local government units are potentially so big we are forced to push and repeat the call for applications," said Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Boycotted by the Democratic mayors of the municipalities, Rama asked his people to start work now for the next tourist season, despite the fact that they will be in the middle of the election campaign, and despite the fact that some of them may not be candidates. 

"I invite you all to make your reflections for the season. Outline your conclusions that are deeper than ours because you are on the ground on a daily basis, and make your proposals and requirements for next season. 

"Although there are elections in the next June, many of you may be in the campaign, others may not be. That does not affect the preparation for the season, which should start as soon as possible," said Edi Rama.

At the meeting, Rama appreciated this season as cleaner and more regular even though still according to him there is a lot of work to do.