The deputies of the parliamentary opposition have submitted to the Assembly the request for an urgent interpellation with the Prime Minister Edi Rama, for the demolition of the National Theatre.

The interpellation was initiated by MPs Rudina Hajdari and Ralf Gjoni.

Attached to this letter is the legal argumentation and the reasons why this urgent interpellation is required.

Interpellation on the urgent issue of theater

Why shouldn't the National Theater be demolished and what are the legal violations of the government and local power in function of this fact?

1. The demolition of the National Theater was done in violation of the observance of constitutional principles, public interest, as well as the preservation of the historical values of cultural heritage and national identity.

Before the theater could be demolished, this issue had to take the time and attention from the stakeholders. The government should have sat down at a joint table with the interest groups, actresses, as well as with the representative of the local government in Tirana, to dialogue about the historical and cultural values that that theater represented over the years, to examine the demands and remarks made by artists and representative actresses, civil society, etc.

2. It contradicts the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania and its social objectives, namely the protection of national and cultural heritage.

Were national-cultural assessments made by experts in the field of National Theater before it was overthrown by this government?

If it was in the public interest, in relation to the importance it had and was given to this issue, then why did the government not seek dialogue, but act in complete irresponsibility with the law, the Constitution and the national and public interest?

4. The whole procedure followed for the demolition of the theater is unsupported in a technical-legal assessment.

All this seriously violates the constitutional principles of construction and functioning of local government bodies of "decentralization" and "local autonomy", in conflict with the principle of separation and balance of powers; It also contradicts the constitutional jurisprudence established by the Constitutional Court, on the principles of functioning of local government bodies and the exercise of their powers in accordance with the principle of local decentralization and autonomy;

5. It does not guarantee the protection of public property and presents significant shortcomings and ambiguities in terms of economic and financial benefits of the state, creating suitable ground for abuse of public property and violation of public interest.

Then, what was the purpose of the demolition of the National Theater, and what are the concrete interests of this government:

1. In the collapse of the National Theater?

2. In building a new theater?

3. Why did this demolition of the National Theater take place on the 4th and 30th of Sunday?

4. Why did this collapse of the National Theater take place at a time when Albania was in a state of emergency?

5. Why there was such a strong reaction from European Union countries and various organizations international in relation to the collapse of the National Theatre?

6. Why was the National Theater transferred to the ownership of the Tirana Community?

7. Was the concrete evaluative opinion of the stakeholders of the actors, artists, civil society taken into account?