As reported by Ora News, Minister Belinda Balluku has canceled the decision she took just two months ago to ban the importation of older cars.

Although advertised as one of the biggest environmental protection initiatives, the Infrastructure and Energy Minister has agreed to allow the use of old cars that emit high emission levels in the air.

Although she did not give details, she said the importation of older vehicles that do not meet the ‘Euro 4’ criteria will be allowed.

Balluku stated that the decision to ban vehicles produced before 2009 will be postponed until December 31st, 2019.

Surprisingly, the initiative was declared only by Minister Balluku herself without the presence of the Ministry of Environment.

The Ministry of Environment proposed a restriction at the end of last year as the air pollution in Albania is many times higher than the allowed rate of pollution and experts say that 50 percent of Albania's pollution comes from vehicle emissions.