No Justice, No Investment, Europeans Need Security!

No Justice, No Investment, Europeans Need Security!

European investors do not come to Albania because Justice is lacking. 

Martin Henze, Chair of the Transport Commission and member of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany, said that the lack of a Constitutional Court and poor implementation of fiscal laws are a major detractors for Western companies.

“How can foreign companies invest when there is no infrastructure, no clear rules and a Court that does not work?

“What do you expect from French and German investors? This kind of a kink cannot be fixed by the European Union. You simply have to improve it. 

“If you notice that European companies are not coming to Albania, it is your fault. If you build confidence and solid regulations, then the situation will definitely change. I know specifically that companies are interested,” explained Henze.

With regard to PPP concessions, Henze suggests that important project assessments should be made.

“We have implemented many PPP projects in the EU but I am surprised that such systems are being implemented in Albania as they are not long-term solutions. 

“In Germany there is a special government structure where project estimates are made and the deadline is about 50 years, since that is where they remain profitable and do not aggravate the budget,” said Henze.

The Head of the Chamber of Commerce demanded more attention from the European Union for the region, while stressing that PPPs should not become a burden on the budget.

Përktheu: Paola Pupla