Even though according to the Dutch government Albania is not ready to open negotiations, there is still uncertainty over whether or not to veto the decision at the meeting of Foreign Ministers on October 15th, or at the summit of European leaders on October 18th.

Six days from now, on October 15th, France will hold a discussion on Albania, which, according to experts, may sway the Dutch decision.

The Dutch Foreign Minister, Stef Blok, was invited on Tuesday to the parliamentary committee on European affairs of the Dutch Parliament, where their MPs were asked whether or not to open accession talks with Albania.

The minister avoided giving a direct response on the veto against Albania, but unlike the response for North Macedonia, he hinted that Albania is not where it needs to be to launch the opening of negotiations.

When asked by MPs of the three major parties in the ruling coalition as to whether the motion approved by two-thirds of Dutch MPs for Albania remains in force, Blok said the motion still hasn't changed.

“Candidate countries must meet the strict requirements before taking another step in the integration process. The Netherlands is closely following the progress in both countries and is of the opinion that the Council should evaluate each country on its own merits,” said Blok.

The Netherlands considers the progress encouraging, but says Albania needs to do more.

The Council has set a number of criteria to be met by Albania before the opening of negotiations.

The Netherlands welcomes the hard work untaken by the Albanian government in past last year but thinks that more needs to be done in the fight against corruption and organized crime.

On Tuesday, the Albanian government again addressed itself to the Netherlands, but this time through a letter from a cabinet member, stating that if negotiations were not reached by Albania, it would be a victory for the dark forces at home.


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