The President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, declared that he still hopes that the 13th of October will bring together the political parties in Albania to simultaneously host local, parliamentary and presidential elections.

In an interview for Greek newspaper "Kathimerini," the Head of State expressed concern over what he considers 'backward steps' that seem to be escalating to worrying proportions.

“At this moment, Albania is in a deep constitutional, institutional, and representative crisis.

“It is my responsibility not to sit in silence, but to contribute to resolving this crisis as soon as possible so that we do not miss the October European Council opportunity to open accession negotiations.

“Stubbornness and indifference to the current deteriorating circumstances or, even worse, to blindly head towards one-party rule, will have devastating repercussions for the country and its European future,” expressed President Meta.

Asked about his collision with Prime Minister Edi Rama, which has been referred to as having characteristics of a blood feud, President Ilir Meta said:

“Today in Albania there is only one major conflict. It is the conflict between the Prime Minister and the rule of law, democracy and political pluralism. This is the “mother” of all other conflicts.

“I have always been very open and cooperative with the Prime Minister, all state institutions and political actors to induce a positive and constructive political approach focused on EU-related reforms as the top priority for the country.

“State responsibility and the best national interest have been the only two guiding principles in exercising my duty and I will never compromise this over personal relationships,” said Meta.

The Head of State mentions the oath he swore to defend the country's constitution, stating:

“It is not the Prime Minister’s right, nor anyone else’s, to seek to capture every independent institution, but Albania has once and for all said “never again” to authoritarianism.”

Regarding statements made about George Sorros, Meta said: “The honest and hard-working Albanian people will never accept to be a colony in servitude of money laundering and international organized crime.”