The 2020 budget for agriculture will amount to 11.4 billion lekë-- or 15% higher! Veterinary, NFA re-structuring, financial support for the agricultural subsidy scheme, and food security will remain the priorities of this ministry.

“The fund foreseen for these programs this year is equal to 843 million lekë. The scheme is still under discussion, and is being reviewed to identify the “sectors to be supported”, along with appropriate support measures.” said Çuçi.

Floods have become a major concern for agriculture, and a considerable part of the costs will be funelled to this area.

“With funding of about 627 million lekë, we expect to intervene in about 15 flood protection facilities that are mainly protected by the Shkumbin, Black Drin, Vjosa, Seman and Drinos rivers. 

“We are planning for the rehabilitation of high water channels in the Kurbin and Mamurras areas where we’ve encountered major problems from recent rainfall.

“All 258 million leke will be used to rehabilitate the 8 dams in these areas as the funding started in 2019,” expressed Çuçi.

Furthermore, during the budget discussions at the Parliamentary Committee on Economy, the necessity of supporting agriculture was emphasized.