In the Council of Legislation, the majority rejected the Democratic Party's amendment to dismiss Arta Marku and the constitution’s change in the articles that determine the procedure for electing the Chief Prosecutor.

The proposal fell by 8 votes in favor and 6 against, while earlier, majority members of the Council argued that the Democratic Party's proposal is a strategy to block justice reform.

“According to the request of the Democratic Party, the Prosecutor will be elected at the end of July, while the opposition speaks of a kink that does not exist. This proposal is a strategy to prevent justice reform.” said SP MP, Alket Hyseni.

But Democrats said that the institution of General Prosecution is not aligned with the Constitution, therefore they argue that interference is necessary to regulate with the Constitution as a priority.

“The new Chief Prosecutor must pass the Vetting and be elected by 3/5 of the votes in the Assembly. Nobody knows if the current Chief Prosecutor would pass vetting. This is a test for the majority if it truly wants an independent justice.” said DP MP, Oerd Bylykbashi.

While, MP Enkelejd Alibeaj said that the majority is aiming at capturing the justice institutions with the help of Temporary Chief Prosecutor Marku.

Despite the Council's decision, the issue will pass to the plenary session, where a report on the opinions of the majority and the minority will be presented. In order for the amendments of the Democratic Party to be approved, a majority of 2/3 or 94 votes is needed.