Gentian Malindi, accused of being implicated in the trafficking of 137kg of cocaine from Ecuador to Durrës, is now seeking a change in his security measure: from “Jail Arrest” to “Obligation to Appear” at the Serious Crimes Appeal Court

In a request directed to the court, the defense lawyer also requests the head of the Serious Crimes Prosecution to launch an investigation into the director of the State Police, alleging that the police and prosecution have manipulated Ardian Bego's evidence and testimony.

Regarding the request, Veliu says that the police will continue to do their job.

Malindi is on the run after escaping from police on the day of their operation, when he learned that the cocaine he possessed had been replaced with rice.

An anonymous call to Greek police revealed that of the 700 kilograms of cargo-- filled with cocaine and transported in banana containers from Ecuador-- 137 kg was destined for Albania.

 Greek police said the information was accurate after a search at the port of Piraeus. Meanwhile in Tirana, the Serious Crimes Court of Appeal has left Durrës-port-employees charged with being involved in drug trafficking.