The arrest of the former director of the Cadastre in Durrës is just blackmail. This is what is being said by the deputy Prime Minister, Erion Braçe, who claims that the next crime against justice with prosecutor Arjan Ndoi at the helm of the prosecution has cost Pula his freedom for four days.

According to Braçe, the charges were made by an anonymous source and there is no mention of the name of former director Liridon Pula.

With concrete documents, Braçe explained that the prosecutor concealed important facts which completely change the course of the case in court.

“Nowhere was the director of the Cadastre of Durrës mentioned, accusing him of illegal activities or a violation of his duty.

“The prosecutor defrauded the court when he said that the starting point for the investigation showed that the Durrës police directorate of the economic crime department, was unaware and did not act.

“The prosecutor lied when he said that the venture contracts between the investor and the landowners depict percentage signs, thus aiming to support the charge of “alienation of property.” I have the contracts which are individualized with the subject for each owner.

“The prosecutor was deceiving when he said there were no restrictions on certifications issued by Lura companies. I verified it and found these imposed restrictions,” said Braçe.

Deputy Prime Minister, Braçe, then erupted, attacking the Democratic Party over the allegations claiming the arrested former director of Durrës, Liridon Pulaj, has family ties with Braçe.

Braçe has already announced that he will submit all documents to the justice institution.

From the verifications made to maps, the Deputy Prime Minister has revealed that the person brought in to testify reportedly owns a plot of land just some kilometers away from the “Lura 3” complex.