The Albanian Association of Consulting Engineers urges the government to equip inspection groups with laboratory equipment for “field construction tests”.

Following the damages caused by the November 26th earthquake, the Society of Engineers notes that there is no "standard methodology" for assessing the "sustainability of housing" and therefore requires the adoption of a unified protocol.

“We require the establishment of a working group to harmonize and unify the analysis of factors that have adversely affected the sustainability of housing, requesting the Albanian government to enable the equipping of the working groups with laboratory equipment for field tests without which we cannot make an assessment reliable or scientific,” said the engineers.

The secretary-general of the Association of Engineers, Gëzim Beqaj, says that after meeting the teams, the work will start with public institutions.

“The working group will then be on all of these facilities that are the most important, but I think we should start with those that are of particular importance such as schools and kindergartens. About 90% of the damage has come from a lack of engineering discipline in both design and implementation,"

The Society of Engineers notes that assessing the "nature of damage" and its distribution in areas where the earthquake was most destructive is linked to the “lack of engineering discipline” and partly due to the poor quality of work.