Following the meeting of the SMI's Parliamentary Group, Chairman of the SMI, Monika Kryemadhi, confirmed the key mission of the part is the removal of Edi Rama from the post of Prime Minister. Kryemadhi gave a media statement warning that the SMI's focus is on ensuring awareness amongst citizens of the involvement of the government in crime and drugs, as well as creating the political will to reject such a government. 

"The justice reform is weakened," said Kryemadhi in the press release, adding "We will not allow the renaissance project to win with democratic narcotics." Kryemadhi continued, declaring: "Edi Rama is not the solution to the problem, but the source of the problem as he is a hostage to organized crime. "He is a friend to individuals with criminal precedents. "He serves only to protect the criminalization of the Albanian governments and actively fights against decriminalization at every step. 

"Justice has already fallen at the hands of Rama." The SMI reconfirmed their position as the party with the political will to help citizens refuse the drug-riddled government. "The political will of the SMI is the will of hundreds of ordinary people who reject the involvement of the government in drugs by a Prime Minister who holds the remote control to organized crime." 

"We represent the Albanian people, who know we have no more time to lose as Rama opens the wound further and further each day. "Political awareness is strengthening hour by hour, day by day, and soon it will be impossible to ignore the popular will of the people," concluded the chair of the SMI.