For the majority, the Democratic Party and the Chairman of the Central Election Comission, Klement Zguri, have violated the law on decriminalization in an attempt to protect the Mayor of Mallakastra. MP Ferhati called on the DP Chairman, Basha, not to act with double standards and to hold a public discussion regarding Kapllanaj. 

According to MP Ferhati, CEC Head Zgrui has breached the deadline set out under the decriminalization law. As a result, the Socialist Party has filed an appeal on the Agron Kapllanaj file, requesting the Constitutional Court to overturn the CEC's decision and terminate the mandate of Kapllanaj. "Lulzim Basha continues to act as an investigator, prosecutor and journalist, yet he cannot explain why he continues to defend the Mayor of Mallakastra.

 "Kapllanaj is in violation of Basha's most beloved decriminalization law! Basha has once again deceived the Democrats. "He claims to be on a mission for justice, but he and his party are drowning in this story, without hope for a breath. "It is Prime Minister Edi Rama and his majority who have given the example of exclusion, and submission to justice bodies, for all individuals accused of acting illegally." 

Regarding the accusations by the DP against the State Police, the SP MP considers them to be helpless pleas from a desperate man. The Socialist Party member, Klotilda Ferhati, concluded by reiterating that the Democratic Party are displaying double standards in regards to the application of the decriminalization law.