The High Council of the Prosecution has continued to interview candidates for the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution (SPAK) today.

Attending interviews at the High Council of the Prosecution were Besim Hajdarmataj, Besnik Muçi, Doloreza Musabelliu, and Prosecutor of Serious Crimes, Donika Prela.

The HCP asked Prosecutor Hajdarmataj about a number of files, among them the "Shullazi", "Tahiri" and "339" File.

EURALIUS and OPDATE have asked the prosecutor in particular about the wiretapping materials published by the newspaper "Bild", who replied that, as the Serious Crimes Prosecution did not have its own section for interception, it is difficult to determine from whom they have derived.

In the interview before the High Council of The Prosecution, also the Chief of the Serious Crimes Prosecution Office, Donika Prela, was asked about the release of the investigative secret of file '339', as well as if there was media pressure.

She stated that there was media pressure but that she had moved passed it.

It has been learned that Donika Prela has stated that the release of the investigative secrets of file '399' is under investigation and they are awaiting the results. Prela was also asked about the “Shullazi” file.

Prosecutor Behar Dibra was also called to be interviewed for SPAK, but he did not appear.

He did however send a letter to the High Council of Prosecution stating his reasons for non-attendance, which explained that he is engaged in a judicial process.

He was asked by the High Council of the Prosecution to assign another date to give an interview for his assessment as a candidate for the Special Anti-Corruption Structure.

The candidates spent about 60 minutes attending their interviews while the process was conducted by the High Council of the Prosecution itself.

The interviews will take place until July 12, at which time all prosecutors will have been interviewed, despite the fact that most of them have not yet gone through the process of Vetting.

Tomorrow, 10th of July, will see interviews conducted with prosecutors, Dorina Bejko, Dritan Prençi, Edvin Kondili, Elida Kaçkini, and theTirana prosecutor, Elisabeta Imeraj.