Voltana Ademi has made it clear that her position is that the duty of Mayor of Shkodra can only be handed over to internationals and not to the Socialist elected from the June 30th voting.

In a letter to the United States and European Union embassies in our country, she calls for the establishment of an International Administrative Commission to govern the Albanian municipalities until 'real' elections can be held.

Ademi says she cannot leave the city in the hands of a man chosen by only 8% of the vote, in what she calls a dictatorship of the minority.

“Today, in 2019, we cannot give this responsibility to the Prime Minister or his 8% nominee!

“In the years 1913 -1914 and 1918-1920 this city of vital importance to the whole nation was governed by international commissions of great powers. And maybe it is time again, and not just for Shkodra!”

According to Ademi after the June 30 elections, local government in Albania risks becoming simply a central government reptile.

So in the capacity of the Mayor of the Association of Municipalities, she invites the international factor to the table in the hope that they will become the guarantor of the civic will.

“This situation will eliminate political pluralism and not only in the executive direction of municipalities with 61 mayors.

“This situation brings 61 municipal councils, which in all cases will not represent citizens. They will function without constructive disagreement or opposition!” added Mayor Ademi.

The opposition did not attend the 30 June voting, while declaring that it enforces the president's decree that annulled the process for local elections.

Under these conditions, the Socialist Party won all 61 municipalities. The US and the EU both declared their position that the vote should be conducted on June 30.

/Ora News.tv/