Albania has dropped 5 positions in the Global Competitiveness Report for 2019.

The index, released by the World Economic Forum, ranks Albania in the 81st position in terms of overall scoring among the 141 economies of the world -- giving it mearly a score of 57.6.

The Western Balkans region is led by Croatia in 63rd place, Serbia in 72nd and Montenegro in 73rd.

Meanwhile, North Macedonia ranked in the 82nd position and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 92nd position.

The report, which measures the competitiveness of a state based on the productivity of institutions, policies and sectors, lists in detail Albania's problems.

The grade for security and response to organized crime remains one of the lowest in the world, nearly 30 positions from last place.

As for Judicial independence, Albania is ranked in the 136th position and for the "Efficiency of Legal Framework" in challenging regulations, it is ranked in the 133rd position.

Problems also arise in property rights, in road infrastructure, in the protection of intellectual property, and in the effect that taxes and subsidies have on the country's competitiveness.

At the same time, Albania leads the world's 141 economies in terms of inflation, in terms of facilitating the employment of foreigners, in electricity access for the population, but also in the capacity to develop its own information technology field.

In the global ranking of 2019, Singapore ranks as the most competitive country in the world, followed by the United States, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and finally Switzerland.