At a time when the climate of doing business in Albania is considered unfavorable and problematic by all reports from international institutions, the Municipality of Kukës has taken a drowning decision for a business that has been operating in the poor Northeast region for years.

The mining company operating in the Kalimashi area has been fined $52 million on the grounds that it operates on municipal fund holdings without transferring the company.

But on the other hand it has been learned that the concessionaire has long submitted the request to the Municipality and the Ministry of Environment to take over the forest fund for the area defined in the contract.

This is one of the highest fines ever imposed on a business operating in our country.

The company has appealed the fine to the Court and has filed a lawsuit against the Municipality of Kukës, which has been run by Safet Gjici since June 30.

The mayor of Kukës announced the extreme measure, and the fine that seems more of a drowning, for the company, which has been operating for 35 years with a concession for work in the Kalimash mine.

But despite this, Gjici says he will not withdraw and that the 52 million dollar fine must be paid, which would, in turn, also solve the financial problems of the municipality, which has been led by the socialists since the June 30th elections.