Two years ago on November 23rd, the Municipality of Tirana approved a "pilot project for schools in the capital" that would service student’s lunchtime meals.

“Children continue to be taught in special groups and provided with school-time lunches. It is the 9-year old 'Ardian Klosi’ school where food will be provided free of charge by the Municipality of Tirana.

This goes for all children attending the Kombinat ‘Betim Muça’ School; ‘Hoxha Tahsim’ school, and ‘Red School’ ” stated Erion Veliaj back in November 2017.

The project detailed the student's menu as well as the fees their parents would pay starting in February 2018.

But still two years after decision-making, it turns out that the Municipality of Tirana has not kept its promise.

At “Hasan Tahsin” Elementary School, the Municipality would cover 50% of the food costs offered by the institution, while the rest would cost 80 lekë per day.

According to parents, the infrastructure has been improved but school-children still take their own lunches and eat in class.

They say that if food were provided by the school they would be more confident about what their children consume.

The same project to provide free food also remains on paper at “Adrian Klosi” school.

At this school, the municipality would have to fund 100% of the food, but even though two years have already passed, not the slightest effort has been made to keep the promise.

On January 29th of last year, on behalf of this project, which was never implemented, the “Tirana Economic Development and Education Center” opened a tender for the provision of catering services in schools. In this case, the limit fund was foreseen in the amount of 27.5 million lekë.