Food safety, stronger checks conducted

Food safety, stronger checks conducted

The new customs point at Hani i Hotit has increased the standard of controls and also the results of the work of the National Food Authority.

This is proven by recent figures where large quantities of beers, water, oregano etc. were seized and refused from entering the Albanian market.

The National Food Authority Director Hasije Sadrija provided a balance sheet of this work, which for the summer period focuses on the tourist areas, where the concentration is greatest of the holidaymakers.

But the markets in the city, right down to the smallest entities, have not remained out of focus. Food security remains a key priority for this period, where high temperatures directly affect products we consume.

However, the National Food Authority controls are not enough to increase food safety, as there is a need for greater awareness from both commercial entities and citizens.

Control of expiration dates and purchase of products that are sold under optimal conditions are two of the key factors to be considered.