Fires Erupt Across The Country

Fires Erupt Across The Country

Dozens of hectares of forest have been burned in the Korab-Koritnik National Park. It is believed that the fire broke out yesterday evening in the Zapod Administrative Unit, in a protected area of the Park.

Firefighters from both the municipality and the National Agency for Protected Areas worked alongside local residents for several hours in order to isolate the blaze and make it extinguishable.

Due to the very rugged mountainous terrain, task forces had to walk for several hours, with the operation to suppress the fire proving extremely difficult.

However, the intervention did result in success, with the flames isolated before being put out, thus saving these areas of the National Park from destruction, which have great value for the Kukës region.

Due to the recent high temperatures in the territory of the Kukës Municipality, there have been two more cases of wild fires affecting forest and pastures.

The Municipality of Kukës reiterates the call for residents of each area to report any possible occurrence of fire as quickly as possible.

Another fire was also registered in the village of Boshaj of Kolonja. The fire has engulfed vegetation such as oak and pine trees.

About 15 hectares of forests and pastures have been reported as having burned so far. Fire-fighting forces are already at the scene, but the rugged terrain is making the intervention difficult.