At the end of the conference for the Media Days, Commissioner Johannes was asked about the possibility of opening EU negotiations for Albania. He responded by saying there will be a date when a positive response will be secured from all EU countries. 

"I will come with a recommendation in January or March, or in June or even in December, whenever I have the assurance that this proposal has received a positive answer", said Hahn. 

Expressing appreciation for the conference, Hahn said the EU is engaging in this process because it believes media freedom guarantees an open society. "We are doing this because we believe that without media, without freedom of expression, there is no open society. Open society guarantees prosperity and well-being" added Johannes Hahn.

 Earlier in the panel, Ambassador Romana Vlahutin said that the two major issues needing attention for Albanian media are the rules and the values. "It is very important to pay attention to the terms of the employees. "It's hard to be a journalist with a salary of 300 Euros a month or when you can be fired with an SMS. "So it is important to have clear laws on hiring journalists. The values are extremely important. "What keeps societies in this region connected with the European Union is not the money but the social model", said Commissioner Johannes Hahn. 

The Media Days conference will be now be held every year in the Balkan countries.