Political parties in the country and abroad agree to return to the table of the Political Council for Electoral Reform.

Following the invitation of the Socialist co-chair of the Reform Commission to the opposition outside parliament to return to the table, Democrat MP Oerd Bylykbashi and the SMI, Petrit Vasili responded positively, stressing that closing the electoral reform as soon as possible is a priority for the opposition.

"Electoral reform is an undisputed political priority for Albanians to guarantee an electoral process that ensures the highest standards of free and fair elections and the European integration process."

Further, the government's efforts to thwart the process are being blamed, with opposition representatives expressing their willingness to hold free and fair elections on paper.

"The resumption of the process on May 11 has been constantly hit by statements and actions that have caused a political crisis and, clearly, aimed at destroying this vital political process. But, despite these deliberate actions, the United Opposition will not give up its objective to fulfill without delay its obligation to the Albanians for democratic elections. ”- write Oerd Bylykbashi and Petrit Vasili.

Since Monday coincides with "Fiter Bajram", it was then agreed that the meeting of the working group for electoral reform will be held on May 26, 2020, at 11:00 at the Palace of Congresses.

The group's meeting aims to conclude electoral reform as soon as possible.

The letter from the opposition states that despite many meetings between the parties and many proposals, consensus is still far away.

"Your statements that a compromise has been found on a number of issues are untrue and only aim to hide the truth that to date there is no compromise on the fundamental issues on which the United Opposition has submitted concrete proposals." - It is said in the letter of the representatives of the opposition, requesting the meeting of the political group on Monday, May 25.

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