The counting continues of both conditional and Diaspora votes: The Central Election Commission in Kosovo today calling it the last step before the announcement of the final result of Sunday's parliamentary elections.

In an interview with Ora News, the Central Election Commission chair in Kosovo, Valdete Daka, said that all complaints in the process have been taking into consideration and counting of the remaining votes will begin. The CEC chair stating:

 “Election Day has been peaceful and very democratic. We have been working very hard and the results which have come out have reduced public pressure. Even political parties have accepted the results.

“It is a pleasure for me, to be able say, that I have no complaints. It is clear that we know how to organize elections and respect standards. This is a great achievement for democracy. The message is positive.”

Meanwhile, Daka has attributed the expediency of the vote-counting process not only to the effective ballot counting in the country's polling stations but also to the will of the politicians.

In this election, for the first time, citizens in the North voted with Kosovo's identity card and although the CEC chairwoman calls it the best election in the country, Kosovo still struggles to address the needs of deep electoral reform.