DP Reports Rama And Veliaj For The Demolition Of The Theatre: If SPAK Acts Independent, They Go To Prison

DP Reports Rama And Veliaj For The Demolition Of The Theatre: If SPAK Acts

Former PD MP Albana Vokshi has today reported to the SPAK Prime Minister, Rama and Mayor Veliaj regarding the demolition of the National Theater.

She added that along with them, a number of other people have been charged, starting with Arbjan Mazniku, Toni Gogu, the head of the construction institute, the head of IMT and every director who has signed for the demolition.

Vokshi added that a number of laws and procedures have been violated, and said that this is the time when corrupt government officials should go to jail.

Vokshi: DP submits to SPAK the lawsuit for the illegal demolition of the Theater.

DP: If SPAK acts as an independent, Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj go to prison. List of criminal offenses and defendants.

We filed a lawsuit for the illegal demolition of the theater in SPAK because we believe that someone should go to jail for the crime committed.

In addition to the servants who have thrown their signatures into illegal decisions, Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj should be punished by justice, because they have acted with the Theater as a criminal organization.

They have violated every law to advance the project of looting the public land of the Theater and after the Theater. An independent judiciary finds it very easy to prove this truth and handcuff Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj.

Such a decision is not within the competence of the Municipal Council of Tirana.

We have asked the prosecution to impose preventive sequestration on the land owned by the municipality by government decision.

This will stop any other act, such as the construction of an illegal project, as well as the looting of the land to erect there the towers of Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj.

The Democratic Party considers the issue of the illegal demolition of the National Theater a test for the independent functioning of the SPAK.

With the apathy so far, SPAK has disappointed anyone who has believed that this institution will punish corrupt government officials and organized crime gangs.

SPAK has all the facts there. It is enough for the prosecutors to become servants of politics and this case leads behind bars Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj.

Edi Rama in the criminal cooperation with Erion Veliaj has chosen the winning project himself, without first opening the competition for competition according to the provisions of the Law on Public Procurement.

This was confirmed even after the barbaric collapse of the Theater, as Le Monde called it, or after the Hitlerite-style decision, as Der Standard wrote.

It is Edi Rama who has chosen the architect Bjarke Ingels for this project since 1 and a half years before the company Fusha paid for it, as a private project.

If SPAK has the will to enforce the law, the facts are complete to punish this criminal corruption of Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj with the National Theater.

The Law on Public Procurement obliges the Albanian government to conduct an international competition for the new Theater project. But the prime minister has broken the law by eliminating the race and dictating his own project and high cost, 30m euros.

SPAK has the duty to stop not only the robbery of the land of the theater and public land, but also of the 30 million euros that will be borrowed to cover the money laundering with Edi Rama's criminal project for the theater and the Towers that will surround it.

At a time when Albanians are suffering the consequences of mismanagement by Edi Rama, of his criminal partnership with a handful of people with whom he is stealing Albania, 30 million euros in debt is a heavy stone on the backs of the children of SPAK prosecutors .

During all these 22 years in politics, in the highest leadership positions as minister, mayor and prime minister, Edi Rama has aimed only at illegal enrichment.

The SPAK has in its hands a historic issue that splits two times. The time when justice is done by politics must end with the establishment of justice for the Theater. This is the time when corrupt government officials should go to jail!

The report is for committing the following 9 criminal offenses:

1. "Destruction of property", provided by Article 150 of the Criminal Code,

2. “Destruction of property by other means”, provided by article 154 of the Criminal Code, “Destruction of cultural works”, provided by article 160 of the Criminal Code,

3. "Abuse of duty", provided by Article 248 of the Criminal Code,

4. "Violation of the equality of participants in tenders or public auctions", provided by Article 258 of the Criminal Code,

5. "Passive corruption of persons exercising public functions", provided by

6. Article 259 of the Criminal Code,

7. "Passive corruption of senior state officials or local elected officials", provided by Article 260 of the Criminal Code,

8. "Criminal organization", provided by Article 333 of the Criminal Code

9. "Committing criminal offenses by a criminal organization and a structured criminal group", provided by Article 334 of the Criminal Code.

The report is filed against:

Edi Rama, Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania;

Erjon Veliaj, Mayor of Tirana;

Arbjan Mazniku, Alban Dokushi, Taulant Tusha, Erindi Bejko, Jonida Halili, Julinda Dhame, Ditjon Baboci, Dhimitraq Furxhi, Frida Pashako, Berta Piro, Laura Deliu, Elena Jaupaj, Jetmir Hasa, in the capacity of civil servants at the Municipality of Tirana and proposers the demolition of the National Theater;

Toni Gogu, Chairman of the Tirana Municipal Council;

Ing. Agron Hysenlliu, Ing. Afrim Cenga, Ing. Artur Hasantare, Ing. Olsi Nunaj, Ing. Elbarina Nunaj, in the capacity of officials of the Institute of Construction.

Dallëndyshe Bici, Chief Inspector of the National Inspectorate of Territorial Protection