The Democratic Party has promised to review any abusive concession that is paid for with the taxes of Albanian citizens. 

In a statement to the media, DP MP Fatbardh Spahia stated that the left-wing government is extorting citizens through the concession process of medical check-ups, a fact that is also confirmed by the findings of the Supreme State Audit. 

"In a country where the prosecution is not under the control of the prime minister, the senior officials of the Ministry of Health and Taxation Directorate today would be in prison for their flagrant abuse of public funds in favor of a private company, which happens to be directly associated with the prime minister. 

"The Democratic Party is determined to cancel the failed Concession of Check up and any other corrupt concession. With the anti-mafia law, every bit of wealth, every last penny robbed will be return to the Albanian people," said Fatbardh Spahia. 

According to the blue headquarters people near Prime Minister Edi Rama are benefiting from these abusive agreements.

Pёrktheu: Sabina Doma