Emilajndo Kita, one of the students who was involved in an incident with Prime Minister Edi Rama the day before, tells Ora News what happened at the medical students' graduation hall.

According to him, the students were unaware that Rama would be present and that his arrival was a big mockery.

 “We were two activists for the Movement For University, who told some truths where Edi Rama was joking with all the medical students who didn't know Edi Rama was coming.

Rama's attendance at a graduation hall is a big mockery. Medical students should leave the country when they graduate because our country has nothing to offer.” Emilajndo Kita said.

Kita says guards put pressure on the moment they were driven out of the room.

“I was badly shaken. I told him I was a reasonable student and I had very good results. I'm a student seeking rights. The little guards have gone beyond their job by exerting more pressure on the moment they pulled us out of the room.”

According to student Kita, today the university is a luxury. While stating that the university pact of the previous year is a mockery, as none of the points have been fulfilled.

“Today the university is made for the rich. There are thousands of graduates who do not come to university because they have no income.

Today the university is a luxury. The law on higher education is a clientelist law, designed by private university owners. Private universities are funded through the law on higher education.

Fees have become unaffordable, we are deprived of democracy at the University, we do not have university autonomy.

The student weight of 10% is negligible and this law has destroyed higher education. The Pact for the University was a mockery of us. He did not promise discounts for all students, but only those for the master.”

He said resistance will continue, and he promised surprises from students.

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