Constructions In Kashar

Constructions In Kashar

The municipality of Kashar is one of the areas with highest number of dwellings built in the last 10 years. But the November 26th earthquake has highlighted the uncertainty and lack of documents in both obtaining a permit and building a dwelling itself.

After the tremors, the prosecution seized the documentation that was in the files of the former municipality, for which it requested expertise.

Sources say that in the response to the indictment, there is a lack of documents dealing with the quality and durability of the buildings.

The lack of documentation starts with the act of examining certificates of the objects in question. Of concern is the fact that there is no record of the “excavation” of the foundation in the photographs provided in the file.

Furthermore, there are no: (1) certificates of material quality, (2) observations of supervisors, (3) or any other works.

Following this response, we learned that the Prosecution will operate in Tirana with bans expected to include former municipal officials, but also builders and engineers.

***** The verification initiated by the Tirana Prosecution on objects damaged by the November 26th earthquake have caused problems in documentation as well as other technical problems.