Even for year 2020 there will be no new projects in infrastructure in Albania. The Ministry of Finance and Economy has presented the project budget for next year, in which it is stressed that attention will be paid to the completion of projects that have already started, such as the “Arbër” Highway and the Milot-Balldren Rd.

The fate of next year's wage increase also remains questionable. The Ministry declared it would increase, but no additional funds have been provided in the budget tabled.

This year, the revenue projections fell short by about 2.2%, for which responsibility was accepted by the Minister himself.

For next year, the Minister seems to be very optimistic regarding the forecasts for economic growth, despite the fact that international institutions have lowered expectations for Albania's economic growth.

In the second quarter, economic growth was only 2.31%, while for the period of the last 6 months it is estimated to be 2.36%, equating to half of last year's which was the highest growth rate for the past decade at 4.06%.

/Ora News.tv/